Structural Reinforcement

Structural Reinforcement


Rodríguez Ros brings robust experience with structural reinforcement using Sika Carbodur carbon fiber sheeting systems and Sikawrap carbon fiber fabric, which we make available to our clients. These systems are light and can be quickly and readily installed onto the structures. Structural reinforcement by means of carbon fiber sheeting is a widely used method for reinforcing structures against flexion or shearing of beams, slabs, pillars, etc., significantly increasing the safety and load bearing coefficients of structural elements with minimum carbon fiber contribution. At present, technical designers who perform the calculations are highly accustomed to designing and calculating structural reinforcements with carbon fiber sheeting, which are widely accepted as reinforcement systems of structural elements. Rodríguez Ros uses Sika carbon fiber sheeting structural reinforcement systems, which is a highly technological reinforcement that consists of FRP sheeting and epoxy resin as a structural adhesive and which are applied directly to the job.

The main fields in which Rodríguez Ros applies this system are the following:

  1. Load increasing: Increasing the strength capacity of slabs and beams. Increasing the capacity of bridges to withstand increasing axial loads. Installation of heavy equipment.
  2. Project or construction defects: Insufficient dimensions of structural elements. Insufficient reinforcement or wrongly placed. Poor disposition of structural elements. Low-quality materials.
  3. Renovation of old structures: Knowledge of shortcomings in the calculation method used. Aging of materials with loss of their initial/original characteristics. Adjusting the original project to new more stringent standards.
  4. Changes to the structure itself: Opening of voids in slabs. Elimination of pillars or load-bearing walls.
  5. Damages to structures: Impacts on the structure. Fire. Corrosion and loss of cross-section of concrete reinforcements. Seismic events.
  6. The need to improve service conditions: Reduction of stress in reinforcements. Reduction of deformation and deflection, using high modulus sheeting.
  7. Seismic and earthquake-proof reinforcement: An important field of application entails enveloping pillars to prevent premature failure in the event of an earthquake. The SikaWrap fabric made of carbon fibers is most adequate due to its elasticity module.


Confinement: This method is applied to elements that are subjected to compression, with the main goal of improving load-bearing capacities or to improve resistance against earthquakes or seismic events by enhancing its creep. Sikawrap composites are highly reliable materials used for the reinforcement of concrete structures.

Shear reinforcement: The flexibility of the Sikawrap fabric allows it application on irregular sections in pillars and reinforced concrete beams. The combination of shear reinforcement with high modulus carbon fabric coupled with flexion reinforcement with Sika Carbodur sheeting is optimal.

Reinforcement against impact: The SikaWrap fabric, which is made of aramide fiber, can absorb high levels of energy caused by the impact of a car and can therefore protect the pillar from collapse.

Flexion reinforcement: Flexion reinforcement cannot only be applied using SikaCabroDur sheeting, but also with SikaWrap fabric, especially when the support strength is low. Special attention must be paid to the correct alignment of the fibers, particularly in the case of very long lengths of reinforcing material.

Properties: Reduction of crack openings. Fatigue reduction. 1.2M fibers in S512 Sika CarboDur sheeting. Fiber volume content > 68%. Ø = 5-7mm μm. Easy handling. Unidirectional material. LFibers are parallel to loads only in the longitudinal direction. Great tensile strength. Sheer and flexion reinforcement.

Great tensile strength, non-corrosive, great fatigue strength, low weight, easy application, thermal coefficient near to zero, no ductile level.

Structural design according to FIB (Fédération International du Béton) recommendations

Sika CarboDur and SikaWrap vs. steel sheeting: Unlimited lengths. Easy application. Low-weight sheeting. Easy crisscrossing. Thin sheets (1.2 – 1.4 mm). Low cost of application. No corrosion with Sika CarboDur sheeting.

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