Life Lines and Other Fall Arrest Systems


Life Lines and Other Fall Arrest Systems for Work at Height


All work at height have a potential risk of fall of people when maintenance work is performed on both industrial warehouse roofs and residential apartments, buildings and other structures. The risk likewise exists when cleaning gutters, maintaining solar and photovoltaic panels, installing or maintaining antennas and air conditioning units, waterproofing and other jobs that are performed under potential conditions of risk of falls of people from height.

Rodriguez Ros installs life lines and fall-arrest systems and is certified by leading european manufacturer lux-top.


Assembly of Certified Life Lines Andalucía

Horizontal lifeline

Vertical lifeline

Certified and certified life lines

Provisional life lines


Rodriguez Ros advices home owners, owners’ communities, construction companies, engineering firms, architecture firms, etc. of the need and regulatory requirement of installing a collective or personal safety system on rooftops, buildings, structures, buildings undergoing renovation, etc. to ensure a hazard-free operation for work at height operators.
To avoid this danger, there are a number of standardized solutions certified by law that guarantee the safety of the operators.

lineas de vida y sistemas anticaida lux top
lineas de vida y sistemas anticaida lux top

All LUX-top products installed by Rodriguez Ros are made with AISI 316 (cables) and AISI 304 (supports and accessories) quality stainless steel respectively. They are ideal for use in marine environments and certified by the prestigious European institute DEKRA. These systems are built in Luxembourg and have been designed to guarantee safe working conditions at height with personal protective equipment (PPE)



All LUX-top systems meet the current UNE health and safety regulations (UNE-EN795).

LUX-top holds several patents of the safest and most aesthetical systems in the market. The FSA 2003 system is a benchmark in rehabilitation works for this reason.

Rodriguez Ros is an installer of LUX-top life lines and provides factory-made life line anchoring point waterproofing systems. This way we prevent problems related to the infiltration of water in the different supports where the life lines are installed.



Rodriguez Ros installs fall arrest systems and provides comprehensive solutions in safety systems. We plan, erect and maintain all processes that affect safe work at height and the lives of people.
Different systems may be installed: EN-795 class C life lines, ENE-795 class A and B anchoring points and EN-795 class D rail-mounted life lines.

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