Building Paint Removal

Building Paint Removal

Rodríguez Ros uses paint removal techniques for all types of surfaces using high-pressure water jets with three-phase pressure washers. The main goal of preparing surfaces is to obtain a surface medium that allows us to achieve suitable adherence conditions of subsequent, overlying coatings. Among some of its most important applications are the removal of tarnish, paint and anti-corrosion protection sheets and emission-free decontamination, as well as the selective detachment of concrete.

Paint Removal with Heat Guns

Rodríguez Ros uses this paint removal technique in buildings with silica grain and other types of coatings.



Paint removal with Coating Sand Blaster and Oxide Cleaning in Concrete Reinforcements

Rodríguez Ros uses this surface preparation system to obtain surfaces that provide satisfactory conditions of adherence for subsequent coatings. Sandblasting of support surfaces or media is a cleaning process applied to any type of surface by projecting different particles of varying thicknesses in a jet of pressurized air, based on the nature of the material being treated and the degree of surface preparation we wish to achieve.

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